Photo by Zoë Zimmerman

Anaïs Rumfelt

Anaïs Rumfelt is an artist and working mother who grew up in the creative mecca that is Taos, NM. She has been making art for the majority of her life. Working mostly with the nude figure, she uses the human form as a compositional element and an expression of the human condition. Her work conveys a deeply personal and sometimes political perspective. In 2017, Anaïs was one of the first artists to show at the Harwood Museum's Studio 238, with her collection of 108 Crows. Her work has been in multiple shows at Studio 107b on Taos Plaza. Anaïs was the featured artist with a solo show at MoMo Gallery in October 2019 and again in October 2023. She is also part of the creative team at Twirl Taos, and has done numerous installation projects for The Paseo Festival.

For more information, please email anaistaos@gmail.com


Upcoming Exhibition: Atmospheric Pressure Anaïs Rumfelt at The Taos Art Museum's Fechin Studio October 24th through December 3rd, 2023

October 2022 • Anaïs Rumfelt at MoMo Gallery Taos solo show

September 2022 • Create A Space Installation for the Paseo
February 2020 • wUnder Installation at Meow Wolf, Santa Fe
December 2019 • Imagine at Studio 107b
October 2019 - January 2020 • Flesh Bones and Feathers solo show at MoMo Taos Gallery
September 2019 • wUnder Installation for The Paseo
April 2019 • Acequias and Holy Water at Studio 107b
April 2019 • Taos is Art Banner Show at Town Hall
February 2019 • Love and Me Too at Studio 107b
November 2018 • Bee at Studio 107b, Taos
September 2018 • Colorful Cosmos Mandala Installation for The Paseo
April 2018 • Taos is Art Banner Show at Town Hall
March 2018 • Woman at Studio 107b (poster artist)
November 2017 • 108 Crows at the Harwood Museum’s Studio 238
September 2017 • Eye Play Installation for The Paseo
May 2017 • Fly the Nest Group show at Manzanita Market
September 2016 • Motion Play Pendulum Painting Installation for The Paseo
February 2016 • The Art of Love at The Love Apple
September 2015 • Light Play Installation for The Paseo
January 2015 • Exquisite Corpse at The Harwood Museum
November 2014 • Hot Off the Press UNM Printmaking Studio Show at The Stables Gallery
September 2014 • Love Bubbles temporary mural at The Paseo
November 2013 • Hot Off the Press UNM Printmaking Studio Show at The Stables Gallery